Of perspective.

What never ceases to amaze me about the human race is the beauty of perspective. How each mind perceives the same thing in a different way, each person analysing it in their own way. The cogs and gears in each person’s head whirring to their own, unique tune.
“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” What one casts away, another is eager to own. What repulses one, attracts another.
Bright, dull; ugly, beautiful; everything is subjective. Dull yellows to one may be molten golds to another. The gloomy drip-drip of rain that may be depressing for me may be the perfect setting for a romantic walk for another. What is noise to one, music to the other; scribbles and squiggles to one,calligraphy and art to the other.
It is the brush that paints the world in different colours to different people. The tinted-glass spectacles that shade everyone’s eyes.
It is what makes us all unique and different from each other,separates us from the crowd. What differentiates an optimist from a pessimist, a hopeful heart from a cynical one. The realist and the lost-in-fantasy-ist.
For no two pairs of eyes view the world in quite the same way.


7 thoughts on “Of perspective.

  1. What i marvel at is how emphatically the original promise is upheld – labyrithine lanes in the wonderful world of enchanted words!! Keep it up, dear ones!!


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