Midnight eloquences.

Let me shed the cloak of subtlety then; and invite you outright.
Come, forge words with me, in the fiery bellows of our minds, fed by the sparks of our imagination. Come, weave your words with mine, so that they intertwine inextricably in a thousand intricate, indescribably  beautiful ways. When we speak, let our words meet halfway, rounding off each others’ syllables, fitting into each other like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.
Come, and escape into a world far away from the drudgery of science and logic; to a world where colours are brighter and more vibrant; a world of dancing ideas, of kindred spirits, of magic.
Let go of the practicalities then, of the ‘ologies’ and ‘isms’, the labyrinthine paths that leave you so befuddled, so disillusioned. See the world in black and white, and watch as it slowly, slowly, unravels and blooms into colour and light. Rich,luxuriant reds, mellow yellows, streaks of scarlet, blues, reds, and a million unnamed, undiscovered hues born of the clandestine meeting of these dancing tints. Let go of the humdrum, and you will find that the shackles that bind you fall away, too weak to sustain and contain an imagination that was fated to travel, to roam, to see and experience things no other mortal has. To view the world in a whole new way, each tiny discovery monumental in its sheer beauty and wonder.
To embark on an unending, undying quest for all things beautiful, and to treasure and appreciate this beauty without the cheap commercialization that seems to tarnish everything that it touches, defiling its purity and sanctity.
And you will find that at the very heart, very core of all that science exults in, lies magic. Magic waiting to be discovered by the right souls. Let the colour bleed into your veins, let it course through your blood, let it flow through the echoes of your beating heart. Let it revive you,resurrect you. Let it bring you back to the land where you belong.
O lost soul, won’t you embark on this journey with me?



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