I have a little shell somewhere,deep inside of me
I crawl in there sometimes -its a soft,soft retreat.
Its a cosy little place,my retreat.
It has the familiar silence of just me.

Sometimes I let people in,showed them my proud little home
But no one stayed, I just watched the slamming doors.

So I built a wall around my shell,inch by inch,brick by brick
Now it’s just me again,warm and snug.

It gets stuffy in here sometimes in my retreat
So I pull a brick out,to let fresh air in.
What blows in instead is a biting cold breeze
So I rush to cement the brick in right where it should be.

The thing about sealing others out is that you seal yourself in.
You miss the unbridled,full blooded joys of taking risks.

But the chill breeze leaves frostbites.

So here’s the question I’m still trying to answer –

Should I shut you out or should I let you in ?



2 thoughts on “Walls

  1. Slowly, after we realise that maybe its getting too stuffy for our own good, we learn to love the power in risk. The thrill of not knowing, the desire for living a life that we want for ourselves. Just, breathe.

    And, that’s a hell of a piece.
    Very deep, very beautiful.


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