Pulchritudo in omnibus.

There is so much beauty in nature,if only we stopped to notice it,absorb it with our five senses.
The wind making even vast waves dance to its ever-changing tune.
The dew clinging to the finely-spun gossamer of spiderwebs,like diamonds on lace.
The mist falling on the world like a bridal veil,silently beautifying the world into a delicious semi-ambiguity.
The hesitant flapping of a bird’s wings on its first flight.
The molten gold, ripe,rich reds, oranges and all the in-between hues of the splendid sunrise.
The coral pinks,lavenders,indigos of the evening deepening into the deep,dark,star-studded night.
The smell of fresh cut grass, crushed mint,blooming roses.
The sound of waves crashing on the sand, moaning some eternal, secret sorrow.
The velveteen touch of flower petals.
Sunlight filtering through the tangles of branches, dappling the ground with dancing lights and shadow.
Beauty even in the thorny cactus, the swirling sands of the desert, the gusting, freezing winds in the polars.
In the tumultuous, writhing waves of the sea in a storm.
The howling winds in a gale.
In the sheer power of mountains.
Beauty in the vast plethora of colours, sounds, textures, landscapes. In the countless species, all so different, each unique in its own way. In the multitudes of breathtaking beaches, picturesque landscapes, pristine forests and virgin lands; in its conventionally and unconventionally beautiful parts; Nature truly trumps all.
Pulchritudo in omnibus. Beauty in everything.



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