She was gleaming stardust and concentrated moonshine, with a magic and celestial, ethereal beauty that no constellation in any galaxy could ever rival.
She was dancing sunbeams, skirting and skimming the foam-tipped waves, glinting off the virgin snow on the highest peaks, weaving rainbows out of threads of light and rain.
She was the colours of the universe, dark and light,dull and bright, combined.

She was the first rays of sunshine breaking through the clouds after a storm. The first drops of rain on the earth’s parched lips. The message in a bottle to a marooned, shipwrecked soul. A cool breeze on sweaty skin. The flickering light dispelling darkness. The first cry of a newborn.
She was the spring breeze, bringing tidings of butterflies, blossoms, life and laughter.
She was Hope, throbbing in tandem to the tattoo of his beating heart.

She was the relentless crash of the ocean in a storm. The whirling winds that could sweep off everything in their path. The primeval rumble and roar of the ground that heralded an earthquake.
She was the churning, swirling sands in a desert storm. The heart of a fire, the source of the leaping tongues of flame.
The lightning that cleaved the sky,crackling with electricity and power. The riptide that would snatch at your feet, catching you unawares.
She was Power and Passion, all burning red and scarlet.

She was the murky, unexplored depths of the sea, brimming and bursting with potential. The nebula. The mist that shrouded everyone’s vision.
The delicious mystery of the night, of the darkness that hid thousands of secrets under its cloak.
The riddle that noone could ever quite solve.
She was the enigma.



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