The Double-Edged Sword.

Love, that is a panacea to pains incurable. Love, the poison that can cause pain unimaginable;that can break a carefree heart into a million jagged shards.
Love, the drug to rival all others; causing a seemingly impenetrable state of intoxication; a joyous exaltation in its reciprocation. The bliss. The ecstasy. The satiated happiness.
The gravity that pulls you down from soaring heights, leaving you confused, shattered. Wondering if you can ever be whole again.
Love, that makes the world go round. That can stop everything, your heart; even time.
That can make a brightest of people jaded and cynical. That can squash all hopes in its cruelty.
Love, that can make a frigid, barren heart blossom to warmth and feeling again.
That can make you invincible; make you perform Herculean feats with ease. That can make you feel your rawest and most vulnerable.
That can make you more secretive,make you wiser at hiding emotions and sentiments; that can make you expose your soul to someone,pouring it out to their eyes and ears.
That can make the world come alive in a thousand dancing hues and tints,bright and beautiful. That can make the world a sea of dreary, undulating greys.
That ancient, primeval force that drives all of us.
Love, the double-edged sword.



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