Wild and free.

Don’t cage her. She was born to  fly free, fated to unfurl her wings and skim the winds. To feel the winds gust against her wings, pushing her higher and higher;until she soars among the stars, traipsing from planet to planet, traversing galaxies. Chasing comets, catching the dust of the moon and the stars in her hands and hair. To surf the rings of Saturn, and dance among the sparkling constellations.
Let her be wild.
Let her court the winds, woo the waves, the mountains and valleys and innumerable plateaux kith and kin to her. Let her chase storms, twisting about tornadoes, weaving through whirlpools, gallivanting through gusty gales. Let her laugh and scream, her lungs bubbling with life, peals of joyous, joyous laughter blooming in her throat and making her stomach sore. Let her leap, exploring new vistas everyday, tasting all the beauty one could possible discover. Let her run against the buffeting winds. Let her sing and dance and yell and celebrate and live. Let her hum the tunes of the gurgling brook,the languorous tide lapping onto worn shores, birdsong.
Don’t confine her to just one place. Let her travel from universe to universe, her name known to every creature alive.
Let her be wild and free, like she was born to be.



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