Looking ahead

No,I won’t wait for you.

I’ll set you free and let you live the life you seek. I’ll cut the ties and sever the chains. I’ll let you love whoever you want that isn’t me. I’ll let you soak in the rich colours of life. I’ll let you be.

No,I won’t wait.

I’ll love again,warm blooded and full. I’ll make mistakes and be silly with my patent weirdness. I’ll fall and rise,free from you.

But I’ll keep a special corner,a little nook in my heart,just for you. So when I hear that familiar song or smell that familiar scent,I’ll think of you. Fondly, but with the twinge that always accompanies nostalgia.

And if we meet again, minutes, months or years later, I won’t rush in, I won’t run out. I won’t hurry to mend the string, seal the chains. I’ll let our kites settle, tired after soaring over the world.

I’ll keep you both close and far.

But I won’t wait for you.



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