Take a chance on me.

“Stay away”, they say. “Don’t take the chance, don’t take the risk, you’ll only get hurt.”
Because apparently the greatest love stories end badly. Because apparently, all of us are destined to get hurt, and all relationships doomed to fail. Because apparently, it is better to lead a drab,drab life with an unbroken heart than relish a love that could change us forever,but give us pain. Gut-wrenching, shuddering pain. Because apparently, the soul-satisfying highs aren’t worth the plummeting lows.
But the thing is, perhaps ours could be the first great love story that ends well. Ours could be the forever that actually lasts to infinity and beyond. We could be so happy that the angels would envy us, as we sailed through our own little heaven. We could be so absorbed in each other that the sky could crack into a million pieces and fall about our feet,and we would not notice. We could paint our story among the stars, and they would still fail to do justice to its beauty. We could laugh and cry; love and hate; fight and kiss; we could be irrevocably, irretrievably together. We could redefine love, plumbing to the depths of each other. Peeking into the innermost recesses of our souls,finding your name inked on mine, and mine on yours. Together we could take on the world, turning tides, fighting wars, building castles, weaving a life story as rich and colourful as any tapestry weaved by Arachne herself.
But we’ll never know unless we give it a shot.



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