The in-betweens.

Fire and ice. Black and white. Hot and cold. Yin and Yang. Chalk and cheese. Attraction and replusion. Love and hate. Life and death. Perfect and flawed. Strong and weak. North and South.
Everything has its polar opposite. Every pro has its con; every rose, its thorn. To a burning desert there is also a frigid, freezing ice cap. Even in the books we read, every hero has a villain, an arch-nemesis. Every Sherlock has a Moriarty, every Harry, a Voldemort.
But life isn’t just in sharp focus. There are not just clear-cut blacks and whites, there are ambiguous, nebulous greys.
There are mountains and valleys, and the in-between plateaux. The warms between hot and cold. The minutes between hours and seconds, and all the other in-between measures. The trudging on steady,solid,metaphorical ground between the soaring highs and plummeting lows.
We don’t see things in polarities. We don’t feel just one emotion at any point of time. No, we are, at any time, filled with dozens of clashing,contradictory feelings, even if there is one that seems to overrule them all. Our love is spattered with some dislike, anger, and even sorrow. Our hatred is coloured with grudging admiration at times; our laughter often a farce, a cheerful façade built up carefully to mask our pain.
People are also like that. There are no plain good and plain evil people. Everyone has their light, everyone has their shadows no matter how much they choose to reveal of it. Everyone has their demons,whether they face them or not. Everyone has their endearing quirks, eccentricities and annoying habits. The murky greys of their personality often are more than the clear blacks and whites. For what a boring world it would be, without the in-betweens.



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