Same love.

“Do what makes you happy.”
This is the most common piece of advice doled out by our loved ones. Whether it comes to getting a job, or even the most trivial, everyday of decisions, we are told to choose what will make us happiest. What satisfies us,what gives us joy. The most basic measurement of anything’s value is the happiness we derive from it.
Because after all, isn’t that the whole point of life? Doing, choosing what makes you happy,what you love?
But there’s a catch to it. Choose what makes you happy, but within the borders of what society deems fit. Toe the line of social acceptability,and everything is fine. Step out of those boundaries, and suddenly, fingers point at you from every direction; people call you names, judging your choices,casting judgement over you and your choices without even knowing you.
Because if you find love and happiness in the arms of someone who isn’t what society chooses for you or is of the same gender, it isn’t right.
Because if a person of the same gender is your soulmate, it is “sinful.” “Unnatural.”
But really,what choice do you have in the matter? Love doesn’t give us a warning,or a choice in the matter, when it arrives. So is it really that wrong to love someone and build a life,a home with them, just because your relationship doesn’t conform to society’s norms?
Isn’t the condemning of people just because of whom they love wrong instead? Isn’t punitive rape and homophobic violence unnatural,instead?
A little more love in the world isn’t going to hurt anyone, the world could do with it. But spreading hate and pain to tear apart people who love each other is just wrong. Because happiness is something that everyone in this world is entitled to,no matter what.
In the end, it is all the same love. The love that drives the whole world. Peel away the prejudice, the hate, the narrow mindedness, and that’s all that really is to it. Two people, in love.



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