All or nothing.

Know this: i won’t be satisfied by any piecemeal make-do, any half-hearted compensation, any fading substitute.
I want all there is to be had in love; the joys and sorrows,the exalted and shirked, the quested and shunned. The victories and the vanquishments. The welcomed and the banished. The soaring and the plummeting. The euphoria and the hopelessness; the ecstasy and the madness. The black-and-white and the technicolour. The sharp and the soft. The whispered murmurings and the passion-laced screams. The meetings and the partings. The dusks and dawns, the dew and the moondust. The heat and the frigidity. The melody and the cacophony. The harmony and the discord. The calm and the turbulence, the lull and the riptide. The aurora and the twilight, the sunbeams and the starlight.The weaving together and the unravelling. The earthy and the ethereal. The illumination and the eclipse. The elixir and the venom, the poison and the panacea. The sins and the virtues. The blessing and the damnation. The miracles and the ordinary. The infinitesimal and the monumental. The nothings and everythings. The bloomings and the witherings. The Utopia and the dystopia,the rapture of Elysium and the burning flames of hell. The kaleidoscopic and the monochromatic. The dull and the iridescent. The eclectic and dogmatic. The chaos and the tranquility. The mixtapes and the onetrack records. The verbosity and eloquence and the wordless wonder. The buoyant and effervescent, the restrained and reserved.
The jaw-dropping, heart stopping. The soul-shaking, the life-changing.



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