Seek, and ye shall find.

Come, find me.
Find me in the thousand paths we traversed together, the miles we must have clocked.
In the half breaths, nose to nose, in the brief moments of shallow, quickened,anticipating breath, that preceded a kiss. Eyes looking into each other,fluttering lashes and lids.
Find me in the spaces between your fingers that I used to fill.
Find me in the taste of the cotton candy we would share,in the stickiness it leaves on your lips and fingertips.
In the faithful,melting brown eyes of my dog who waits for you,wondering why you don’t visit anymore.
In the tunes of the songs that we sang tunelessly together that one drunken night, giggling and laughing helplessly at our own complete disregard for tune.
In the touch and faded scent of the now-withered rose you had given me on our first date.
In the breath of wind near your ear, that sounded like someone whispering your name.
Find me in the files on your laptop that aren’t yours, the documents which have a style of writing that is too distinctive to be mistaken for anyone else’s.
In the screensaver on your phone that you haven’t yet changed.
In that handkerchief you found among your shirts the other day, that was too feminine to be yours, a smudge of my lipstick still on it, with the faintest wisp of my scent still clinging to it.
In the crumbs that cling to your shirt and blazer, that have gone unnoticed, undusted.
In the salt of tears that you had kissed away.
Find me lingering in the golden sunshine of our best memories and pouring rain of our toughest times.
And after you have revisited all that we were, find me waiting for you at the end of the road, waiting to take your hand while we make our way through the dirt-tracks of untravelled paths ahead.



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