The curious curve.

I am fascinated by smiles.
They amaze me. The spectrum of emotions they contain,the melee of emotions that can hide in one curve.
The shy,the tentative, the hesitant; layers of reserve built and consolidated over the years resulting in a slight curve of the lips. Nothing more.
The exuberant, ecstatic. Bundles and bundles of endless energy barely contained in a dazzling flash of teeth, sparkling eyes.
The trusting, open-hearted. The innocent invitation to explore one’s soul.
The wary, suspicious. The smile receding before it can even blossom completely, disappearing in the blink of an eye.
The mysterious. Concealing a thousand secrets in an enigmatic curve, carefully impassive eyes.
The sad,sad and heartbroken. Sorrow brimming over in the tremble of the lips. Struggling valiantly to keep the smile in place, even as tears mist your eyes;to keep that soft burst of sunshine shining through the rain.
The hopeful. Treading on that winding path of solid ground and sudden,treacherous quicksand that is the way of Hope. The flicker of flame in the darkness.
The special smile we unwittingly reserve for just that one person, glimmering with lovelight and blooming with joy.
The satiated. The slow, languorous curve of contentment and satisfaction. The bliss of fulfillment.
The wistful, the ache of longing barely concealed in a smile about as real as the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.
The smile that rings of finality, the last farewell.
The mirthful, light dancing in laughter the way it dapples water.
The dry,mirthless, the mere stretching of facial muscles.
The toothless smiles of the aged, mild and mellow. The gap-toothed smile of a child, eyes shining with spirit and mischief.
Each smile different from the other, each containing that indefinable individuality that sets us all apart. That special something that is mixed in everything we do.
Each infinitely, colossally, boundlessly beautiful in its own way.


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