You, you. You making me smile over the stupidest of things. Making me breathless, gasping for air, sore-stomached and teary-eyed with laughter. Making the world seem like a happier, livelier, brighter place.
Making me rediscover hope,that beautiful,dangerous thing.
You, with your way with words, twisting them to your will, making them dance to your tune. With your voice growing to become second nature to my ears, ringing as familiar as my own. With the scrunch between your eyebrows when you concentrate, the twiddle of your thumbs when you are restless. With that trademark, lopsided smirk of yours.
With your smell, the smell of comfort and laughter and home. With your smile reminiscent of the million other times we smiled together. You, with your eyes sparkling like stars, saying a thousand things to me without uttering a word.  With the light of the sun and the moon and all the galaxies in your smile.
You,you,you. It was always you.



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