Whisper words of wisdom, let it be.

What were we?
We were chaos and insanity,jubilation and jeopardy. We were a whirlwind of passion and recklessness, reeking of rebellion and hot-headed impulsiveness. We were meteors crashing headfirst into planets, stars collapsing into black holes. We were the red streaks bleeding into the yellow sky in the sunset. We were that one firework that burnt brighter than the rest,that exploded into a million sparks with a grand bang,lighting up the dark sky briefly but spectacularly. We were stubborn, we were drunk and high on lust and love.
Maybe we were just what we needed at the time,maybe we were the exact opposite of that. Maybe we defied the universe with our love, or maybe we just played right into its schemes. Maybe we tore each other up more than we weaved each other back whole. Maybe we made each other bleed more than we kissed life back into our lungs. Maybe we were meant to last,maybe we were always fated to fall apart and combust somewhere along the line. We’ll never know.
But darling, what I do know is that what’s dead cannot be brought back to life. That ashes and charred embers cannot burn and burst into flame. That broken glass glued back together always has a few tiny pieces missing and cannot ever be the same it was. That trying to repair what was broken only leads to blood and tears. That is better to leave a slumbering beast be.



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