More than words.

I don’t remember the first words you said to me.
But what I do remember
Is the exact shade of your eyes
Warm earth and melting chocolate
Blent with borrowed sunbeams;
The light glinting off your hair
Loose strands framing your face.
Soft lips curving
Rolling the words in your mouth
Tasting them before
Releasing them into the world.

I don’t remember what we spoke about on our first date.
But what I do remember
Is the sound of your laughter
Pure and sweet as the nectar
Dripping through honeysuckle,
Ringing clearer than
A tolling church bell
Reverberating through my bones,
My heart,my very soul.
Your eyes outshining
The constellations
Candlelight glittering off
The diamond pendant nestled
In the hollow of your throat.

I don’t remember all the words you ever said to me,
Millions of scattered conversations
Fading in my memory
Words disappearing, dissipating
Lost in the labyrinth of
Forgotten half-moments.
But what I do remember
Is how you looked as
You said every last word,
Be it with tears clinging
To tangled lashes
Or cheeks burning
With the red of carefree laughter
Or the faraway wistfulness writ
In the lost expression
Cloaking your beautiful features.
Or with your lower lip trembling
With blazing fury
That could transport me
From the highest heavens
Straight through purgatory and hell
In nanoseconds.
Perhaps what they say is true
Pictures do speak louder than words.



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