Happily ever after.

Why do most great love stories lack a happy ending?
Romeo and Juliet. Hamlet and Ophelia. Hazel and Augustus.
What is it about love stories making us cry over death and strife that tugs at our heartstrings,playing them like the strings on a harp?
What is it about hearts rent to shreds, torn asunder, that fascinates us?
Because I believe the greatest love stories are the ones which end well. The ones which end with withered,wrinkled hands clasping each other,supporting the weight of the years with the other. Which end with fading eyesight and damaged hearing and creaking,rattling limbs and thinning hair but a love still as fresh and vital and young and alive as the decades before. The ones which weather the years together, standing strong through thick and thin. Which survive all the worst things life could cook up for them, no matter what. Fighting, arguing, yes, but still together in the end. That no change in physical beauty could ever alter.
Loves that no vice in the world could corrupt or pollute. Loves that never succumbed to the allures of the twisted path of temptation. Loves that played their own tune even and danced on, even when the world around them seemed to have forgotten what music was.
The ones that endure. The ones that struggle through it all, through the swirling winds and the treacherous tides and the relentless flame and the dizzying heights and sickening ends.The ones that dodge quicksand and crackling lightning, bleed from a thousand cuts and scratches,but come through beyond the rainbow, across the universe,traversing infinities, together. The ones that come through it all,battle-scarred, but head and heart held high. The souls which don’t let life or anything in the world unravel them, their fingers intertwined until the very last.
The ones that aren’t just fireworks against the dark sky, exploding into a million sparks, burning fast and bright with a flamboyant bang;but the fire in the hearth,crackling merrily for all time, the symbol of home and love and comfort. That burn with passion not like a match,but the stars, that blaze on for all eternity.
Those suspended half-moments of breathless thrills and tingling ecstasy sometimes are just not enough; they tantalise, they allure, they seduce you. They trap you in that momentary bliss,making you lose sight of the big picture.
Because in the end, they are just do not suffice,do not satisfy. A single drop of rain does nothing to quench a drought-ravaged land, a grain of rice cannot stave off the all-consuming pangs of a starving man. A nanosecond of euphoria isn’t enough to keep a love-starved soul going.
Love stories that go quietly by, unnoticed. That are seldom hailed as great. But these are the stories that embody what true love truly signifies. They are the stories that restore hope and keep your faith in love. That are,truly great.



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