Hold your stance. Take a deep breath. Let go of your surroundings. And run.


Like the wind is your sole companion and guide. Like hot,red flames are licking at your ankles. Like your lungs,your heart,your body is just a glorious machine built for nothing but this.
Like you’re melting,dissolving,disappearing into wisps of air.

Cut the binding ropes,tear the shackles and chains away and break free. Till your lungs and calves throb from the anticipation,the adrenaline and the pain. All indistinguishable.

Run from the people who tie you up in their petty little knots. Run from the belittling,the mockery,the insults and the taunts.
Run from those who make you feel even a fraction less than yourself. From those who diligently chip away at your self esteem,piece by deliberate piece.

Because,honey,if you don’t run now, you’re stuck in those shackles for good. You’ll drag the exhausting ball and chain ,your hands bound behind your back. You’ll let doubt,maggot like,eat away at the very core of your being. You’ll let them win,with their manipulations and selfishness , their words like jagged shards of glass,tearing at your bleeding soul as you grasp them close.

Run now,I tell you.

Run for the hills.


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