Distilled memories.

As the tears streamed down her cheeks in a silent rush, she tasted some of them.
They tasted like the sea spray on a golden day on the sands. Running and dancing wildly with the waves, the winds tossing her hair, sharing her spirit of joyous abandon. Digging her toes into the warm sand,the grains clinging to her feet and toes.
They tasted like endless conversations under the silver light of a million stars. Sharing things she could have never told anyone else. Basking in the diffused,delicate glow that the moon and the canopy of stars provided.
They tasted like days spent doing nothing but spend time absorbing each others’ essence.
They tasted like the last slice of their favourite pizza they used to order; sharing it over some movie they had watched a hundred times before already.
They tasted like drives in the late evening, chasing the salmon clouds as they flurried across the sky. Like the glorious sunset, the enraptured watching as day melted seamlessly into night, their hands intertwined.
Like the things they communicated without words.
They tasted like regret; regret over things said and unsaid, over the thousand what ifs that plagued her, day and night. An infinity of questions ricocheting in her mind.
They tasted like all that they had meant, had been distilled in countless memories, never to be lost.



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