The Wordless Words

A lot is said about how words can leave their mark. Envelop you in their warm embrace or slash you with wounds far deeper than physical ones. But sometimes its the words that never see the light of day which have the most profound impact. Words,half formed,that die on our lips. The unexpressed,which can express so much.

Words lost in that flutter of hopelessness,regret,fear and loneliness. Wisps of our innermost thoughts and feelings that we cannot admit-look closely into our eyes,you’ll find them seeking refuge there. They clutter inside us,beating at the walls of reserve we have carefully built,screaming to be let out. Scratching at us, leaving angry scarlet trails.

They do escape sometimes,in never minds and forget its. In deceiving and neglected I’m fines . In the quiet cries you sneak in when you think no one is listening,cries which make you feel-strangely-both exhausted and liberated. Like those secret,wordless words have finally found their way out. Until fresh ones accumulate again,smothering you. Tiring,so tiring.

Let them out. Free these words. Pour them into art and music and literature and whatever you can think of. Don’t waste them on deaf ears and closed hearts. Don’t imprison them. Accept them for what they are and set them free,and feel the weight lift as you soar. Up,up,up.



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