Let us talk of things that don’t matter.
Of the weather,movies and other inane chatter.
Let’s skate over the surface of everything, let’s skirt around ice that may appear even a little thin.
Let’s lock our hearts and seal our lips.
Let’s never say anything of note,
Squash any bud that may take root.
Let’s hide our hopes and fears.
Let’s hide our love,our hate.
What if we dared to dive beyond the surface?
What if we disturbed the calm nothingness for some meaningful turbulence?
What if we aired out the damp mustiness of our locked-in souls?
What if we spread out our rusty,forgotten wings?
There is so much we could do,you and I ,if we only dared to hold our breaths and dive into the beyond.
But you just want to skim the surface.

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