Nothing but.

Life is but a series

Of cause and effect

Reasons leading to reactions

And each effect

Making its own cause

Which again cannons into

Its own response.

And the cycle goes on,

Messy lives colliding

People dancing into the paths

Of others, making ripples

That could well be tidal waves-

Waves shyly kissing toes

Scrunched in sand,

Or tsunamis wreaking havoc,

Razing you to the ground.


Love, nothing but

A cocktail of chemicals

Dopamine, serotonin, adrenaline,

Surging and ebbing

In dizzying rushes

Making your blood sing,

Your cheeks burn,

Your heart gallop.

The ecstasy of longing,

The utopic bliss of having;

Till it all crumbles

Inexorably, inevitably

Tragically, beautifully.

Leaving you to bleed and burn

On your own.


Blood was only ever splashes of red,

And loss is best seen

In the eyes of a loved one;

Tears spilling down reddening cheeks

Hands and lips trembling

Legs giving way

Buckling, folding

Under the weight of grief

The burden that no one else

Can shoulder for you.

Death, but the image

Of stilled breath and closed eyes

Of the surreal peace and silence

That cloaked a corpse

Of the lasting peace

That only unending sleep could bring

In its wake.