The day I let you go.

You dial his number

But don’t press call

You rode the highs,

So you must fall

Further than you have before

You see his name and feel it form

On reluctant lips

The ghosts of the past still linger

In the feel of him on your fingertips;

A million memories in store.

You see his face and can see

Seconds, minutes, days together

Tangling into a messy little infinity.

Time ticks by, days melting together

Someday you will learn to let it be

Your story began, it came to an end

A thousand different lifetimes did you spend

But darling, there will always be another bend

In the road.

And one day you will wake

On a morning like any other

You’ll see him and it won’t take

Your breath away

Or make your heart flutter

Before it breaks

You’ll see him and smile

And it won’t ache somewhere within

You’ll realise that after a while

It is not a sin

To let go.



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