Ad infinitum

​They say

We learn from

Mistakes of the past

That pain teaches

Lessons for the future 

That every time we fall

Scraped knees and

Purpling bruises

Will remind us

Not to fall again

They say

Everything ends

So everything can begin

That when your heart breaks

It will mend 

And beat on

That there is always

A new dawn peeping

Like a shy bride

Behind the shroud

Of the night

But waves still break

Upon sandy shores

And rivers will take

The same paths forevermore

And the blood 

Of the fallen

Seeps into the ground

To mingle with 

The souls of the men

Who have fought 

The same battle before

Even as thousands more

March on, the music 

Of gunfire

Singing them to sleep.

People still battle 

The same demons

They face everyday 

Fighting with feeble force

Against the odds

Holding on with

Bloodied hands and hearts 

Till they can rise again

Perhaps, in the end

That is what existence 

Boils down to

History repeating itself

In an endless cycle

Tangled with the same

Mistakes, the same

Heartbreak, littering

Lanes of dust and ash

In the memory

Of the universe

Deluding yourself

That this time

Things will be different,

That this time

Things will change.