Ask me not

To change

To mould myself

I am not the stream

Coursing quietly

Through shaded paths

I am not the river

Coursing, flooding

Over muddy banks

I am not the water

That fits into

Every glass

You pour me into


Ask me not

To hold myself

Back into shade

While you bask

In the glow

Of a thousand spotlights

Do not stunt

My growth

My blossoming

By cutting me off

From my sunshine


Ask me not

To be silent

To hold my tongue

To keep my words

In callous check

Do not cut off

My restless voice

Do not gag me

With your vicious words

And bitter tongues

I am not the murmur

That will be silenced

I am the rumble

Of the earth itself

Commanding, demanding

To be heard


Ask me not

To cover myself up

To shield the canvas

Of warm skin

From the greedy gaze

Of a twisted world

My body is a sky

With my imperfections

Glowing, blazing

Like the stars themselves.







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