Fly away,

Little birdie

Before they find you

In your cosy

Little hiding place

Your pretty

Little sanctuary

And desecrate

The peace of

Your cocoon


Fly away

Before they clip

Those snow white

Wings, staining

Ivory with

The scarlet

Of pain

Of forced restraint

Of the fetters

Sinking through

A fluttering heart

Pinning a restless soul

To home and hearth

To where they want

You to be


Fly away

Before they cage

Your spirit

Before they bind

Your wayward will

To shrink

To fit

The box they make


You are bigger

Than the confines

Of the boxes

They put you in

You are stronger

Than their wires

Caging you in

You are more resilient

Than the walls

They will build

Around you

Your song is louder

Than the gags

They will force

Upon your voice


Do not buckle

Do not stop

Keep flying

Keep soaring

Far above their

Fingers can reach

Watch the world

Unfurl under the

Flap of your wings

As you go higher

Roads will become

Winding strings

Of grey

Lights will glitter

Like stars on earth


The world is in

The cradle of

Your hand

Your destiny is

Not writ in the

Lines streaking

Across your palm

It is in your

Insatiable imagination

Hungry heartbeats

Flying feet

Wild will

And singing spirit

In the stardust

Swirling in your veins,

Buried deep inside

Your very bones.




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