Half a second, an eternity

What’s the difference

Plant a seed

Open your window,

Just a crack

Wait for your seed

To take root

Years, months

Moments, aeons

Love takes its time


Hesitant roots spread

Like trembling fingers

Reaching out

Twining their way

Through the soil

In your veins

Nestling into the

Crooks of your soul

Days, months

Stamping themselves

In the dirt lanes

Of your memory


Dates, times

All those fiddly

Little details

First meetings

Final partings

Days of falling,

Days of breaking,

Days of dusting

The pieces away.


Minutes, hours

Spent together,

Their numbers looming

The tally of kisses

Trailing down your neck

The touches crisscrossing

Along your skin

Waiting to be counted

Like the stars

In full bloom

On an inky sky


Remember them all

Count them,

One by one

Ten fingers linking

Two bodies together

Tuck them into

Some dusty corner

Of your memory

How many days it took

To fall in love

How many days

For it to fall apart

How many days

Till you healed

Love, hiding

In the figures.


They say

It takes twenty one days

To form a habit

What they don’t

Tell you

Is how many days

You struggle

To quit it

Darling, I made you

My habit

And god alone knows

How long

Till I quit you.


– Gautami.




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